Fifth Dimension Heart Expansion Breakthrough Experience

April 21, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Upper Level
3937 Washington Street Kansas City
MO 64111
Quantum Heart Alignment

ADDENDUM: James is adding His DNA Activation and Restoration through sound to this event – you really do not want to miss this!!

Gently expand your heart to the fifth dimension while being immersed in the power of sound.

Quantum Heart Alignment is so honored to provide our unique fifth dimension work with the sound magic of James C. Rider II. With his sound tools, the Light Divine and Phoenix Fire he will do DNA 🧬 Activation and Restoration. We have longed to do a collaboration and the time is right for us to offer you this one of a kind event.

We will have two tables available to provide QHA for 6 people each hour and you will be surrounded by the loving support of sound and touch. You may either sign up for a particular hour or come and sign up for the first available space and bask in the magical sounds until it is your time to experience Quantum Heart Alignment.
Experience vibrational alignment to the 5th dimension heart of existence.

Earlybird tickets of 30% off are available now for only $100. On April 18th the full price of $150 goes into effect. Please be aware that there are a limited number of available spaces. We do not want you to miss this opportunity, so please register with your payment now!